The CBD market is growing rapidly. There are thousands of products and hundreds of manufacturers. Sifting through all of the claims, misinformation, and choices can be daunting, so we did it for you.  NCPA has partnered with PRS to create a digital resource for CBD products, as well as an educational platform for pharmacists designated to give them the information they need to confidently advise their patients on all things CBD.​

Custom Labels Featuring Your Pharmacy's Logo

Build brand loyalty. Leverage the relationship you have with your customers. Cement yourself as the community CBD expert.

The Basics

Discover what CBD is and why pharmacists should be the experts.

Why It Works

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) "regulates regulation."

Stay Compliant

Learn the "dos and don'ts" of CBD as it relates to pharmacy.

Be the Expert

Learn why you should be the community CBD expert.

Safety Matters

We screened brands for purity and potency so you don't have to.


We have answers! If we left anything out, give us a call.