Why We Chose Dava Naturals...

The Co-Founder of Dava Naturals, Amina Abubakar, knows exactly what it means to recommend a product as a pharmacist.

Amina is a well-known independent pharmacy advocate who works tirelessly to advance the significance of the community pharmacist by collaborating with physicians and expanding pharmacist-led clinical services in her community. She played a key role in creating Dava Naturals because she believes that quality CBD products belong in independent pharmacies. Therefore, all of of the Dava Naturals’ products are manufactured by degreed chemists in a facility following GMP guidelines. Their testing goes above and beyond, and all analyses are freely available to you and your patients.


Here’s what Dava Naturals has to say about their process and philosophy.Amina Abubaker - Dava Naturals


Full Spectrum only

We set ourselves apart by only providing full spectrum products. We believe that using a natural alternative to common synthetic drugs starts with a natural manufacturing process. We employ a cold ethanol extraction to create a holistic and clean product and we refuse to employ the further use of hazardous chemicals to strip individual components from our products. We believe in using the entourage effect to its fullest extent without employing harsh synthetic manufacturing techniques. Our hemp strain selectivity combined with the organic bases we use allows our products to give you the most natural and powerful experience possible.

From Farm To Pharmacy

As a vertically integrated company we can tell you the exact field in North Carolina where the hemp of a particular product was grown. We want you to know everything there is to know about each product, starting with the processes used to manufacture down to the strain of hemp we used in a particular product.

Independent Pharmacy ONLY
Not only do we have the highest standards for our products but we also made a commitment to only work with independent pharmacies.

We want to empower you and keep your patients coming back by making this an exclusive product for the independent pharmacy.

Dava cannot be found online or at the corner store.


Take this opportunity to promote your pharmacy’s very own full spectrum CBD brand building on the trust you already established with your patients.

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