Selecting the Best CBD Products for My Pharmacy

“How do I ensure that I am offering my patients a quality CBD product from a reputable manufacturer?” We have fielded hundreds of questions from Pharmacy owners asking essentially this same question. Our responses to those questions have resulted in list of items you need to consider when choosing  CBD products to make available to […]

The Impact of COVID-19 on the CBD Industry

The answer to this question is yes. However, just like every economic topic involving COVID-19, the causes and market forces that explain what we see are complicated and ambiguous. Although CBD sales grew nationally over the last 3 years, when looking at key metrics, that growth was not as steep as most forecasters had expected. […]

Is CBD a Proven Drug, or Just Another Supplement?

A significant source of confusion for many healthcare professionals is that cannabidiol (CBD) is automatically associated with many naturopathic supplements such as St. John’s Wort and Ashwagandha. While there is plenty of opinions and research regarding the use of these substances, there is very little empirical data to prove that they are effective for treating […]

Efficient Marketing & Merchandising Tactics for Selling CBD in Your Pharmacy

Want to know why some pharmacies seem to be thriving in the CBD space and others aren’t? The answer seems simple on the surface but is actually more complex as you peel back the layers.  Let’s start with the simple answer to that question… Effective merchandising & multi-faceted marketing campaigns. But this isn’t just a […]

CBD is Everywhere

In recent months it seems CBD is everywhere you turn, kind of like car insurance commercials during TV sports telecasts.  Just a few short years ago you had to know where to find CBD on the internet to be able to order the mystery compound from companies you never heard of.  That has all changed, […]

Exploring the Potential of CBG, CBN, and CBC: Beyond the Basics of CBD

If you’ve found yourself on a journey to understand CBD, you may now find it helpful to familiarize yourself with CBG, CBN and CBC.   Even newcomers to The CBD (Cannabidiol) world have probably noticed that the Certificate of Analysis (CoA) accompanying every reputable CBD product notes levels of many chemical entities that are likely […]

CBD for Pets?

The pet CBD category grew nearly 1000 percent in 2019 so clearly plenty of people are buying CBD for their “best friend”.  But why?  There is very little clinical research that has ever been done on CBD’s effectiveness in pets and they can’t let us know whether that tasty “treat” we give them every day […]

Latest Developments in CBD Clinical Trials

In this monthly article we devote considerable effort in the hope of keeping Pharmacists and other readers updated on what’s new with CBD. Most of the information presented is specifically targeted to the use and sale of CBD as an OTC retail product and what Pharmacists should know regarding where and how CBD is being […]

Peering Ahead: Exploring CBD’s Future

You have heard the stories from your very own customers of how CBD helps them in ways that seem to defy logic.  They report relief for everything from arthritis and peripheral neuropathy to insomnia and anxiety.  If it is possible for one substance to have so many positive effects, it is no wonder that big […]

A Healthy Endocannabinoid System is About More Than Just CBD. 

The human Endocannabinoid System (ECS) has been evolving for more than 600 million years and is a necessary component of good health since it influences and modulates almost every organ system in the body.  In fact, Ethan Russo, M.D. (Board certified Neurologist, former Senior Medical Advisor GW Pharmaceuticals) says, “The ECS is an essential regulator […]