Why We Chose CBD & ME®...

CBD & ME® products are both natural and high performing, their formulas are engineered with the most pure and precious organic hemp extract and other innovative, organic ingredients, all paired for potency without stripping away critical cannabinoids that make the product work. Made without a single drop of artificial chemicals, the result is magic in a bottle for your skin, your health, your body and your pets!

Here’s what CBD & ME® has to say about their process and philosophy.

Every single CBD & ME® product is made thoughtfully with high performing certified organic ingredients in a USDA certified lab. We measure quality starting with whole plant extracts and single strain genetics. Our standards are high and include starting with USDA certified organic hemp plants grown in the USA that were processed with food-grade ethanol, leaving no residual solvents behind all backed up by third party lab testing. We do not believe in using any further processing that would strip the plant of its natural and high-performing compounds and all of our products feature only natural, full-spectrum hemp extract.

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