CBD Side Effects

What are the Side Effects of CBD?

As cannabidiol becomes increasingly researched and better understood, it’s very apparent that it has several mechanisms of action that are similar to the mechanisms of many other legend drugs. Not only is CBD completely natural as a cannabinoid, but it carries few side effects compared to most pharmaceutical drugs.

Within just one hour of watching an American television program, it’s likely you’ll see at least one ad for an antidepressant or heart medication, in which half of the commercial is spent rapidly listing dozens of possible side effects to consider before taking the medicine. In an in-depth study conducted in 2011, research found that out of thousands of medication labels analyzed, the average pharmaceutical carried over 70 listed side effects.

Some of these side effects can be virtually undetectable by patients however, and many are mainly listed for liability purposes in order for the manufacturers to avoid lawsuits. Even so, such a high number of side effects does make it difficult for medical professionals to find the best quality medication to fit their patients’ needs.