A Patented Game-Changing CBD Product Unlike Anything You’ve Seen Before

AquaSol Rx Liquid Structure CBD is a revolutionary pharmaceutical grade CBD product that renders all other CBD products obsolete and is only sold in independent retail pharmacies.  Our patented process suspends CBD in a novel liquid crystalline structure unlike any other product on the market, giving a whole new meaning to the word “nano”.  The result is a CBD product with superior bioavailability, with over 10x greater absorption at 30 minutes post-dose when compared to CBD oils in preclinical trials.

Please spend a few minutes reading the information below to learn why AquaSol Rx is changing everything you think you know about CBD.

CBD Has The Potential To Change Medicine & Wellness Care BUT There Are Some Issues With CBD.

The AquaSol Rx Solution To The CBD Problem: Liquid Structure Technology Platform.

Patent Protected Technology that uniquely transforms CBD into an effective Nutritional or Therapeutic Agent.

100% WATER SOLUBLE: CBD in ultra-small vessels that make it water soluble.

STABLE AND STORABLE: Distinctive stability with 2+ years of shelf-life unlike other CBD oils and capsules.

CONSISTENCY: Targeted delivery for predictable and consistent results.

ENHANCED BIOAVAILABILITY: More efficient absorption with lower costs per dose.

RAPID ENTRY INTO THE BODY: Delivery into the bloodstream in minutes.

GRAS1 INGREDIENTS: Liquid Structure vessels exclusively use GRAS ingredients.

Our Patented Liquid Structure Technology Differs From The Liposomes And Micelles Used By Others In Their Efforts To Enhance CBD’s Entry Into The Body.

Nano CBD containing Liposomes, Micelles and Liquid Structures. Other “nano” CBD is contained inside liposomes and micelles. Liposomes and micelles may be much larger, 200nm and 100nm respectively. Liquid Structures are only 15nm and thus get more CBD into the bloodstream. For comparison, a DNA molecule is 2.5 nm wide, an influenza virus about 100nm wide, a red blood cell is 7,000 nm wide and a human hair around 100,000 nm in width.

AquaSol Rx Liquid Structure Technology CBD is the future of CBD.  With actual dosing consistency, greater bioavailability and lower cost per effective dose this is the CBD product you have been waiting for.  No more messy and inconsistent dosing with oils that cause digestive issues and taste horrible.  The future of CBD is here and its an easy to use capsule that delivers superior bioavailability at a lower cost!

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