“Because the Community Pharmacist should be the Community CBD Expert”

Pharmacist Select 4-Shelf Display Case


This high quality non-brand specific case is perfect for selling multiple CBD brands in your pharmacy.


Acrylic Polymer Construction

  • Highly durable
  • Professional and clean aesthetic for any pharmacy counter.
  • Locking back, with sliding closure.
  • Four (4) shelves for customization and organization of products



  • Height: 24″
  • Width: 12″
  • Depth: 9″



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The Basics

Discover what CBD is and why pharmacists need to be the experts.

Why It Works

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) "regulates regulation" in the body.

Stay Compliant

Learn the "do's and don'ts" of CBD as it relates to pharmacy.

CBD is a Drug

It interacts with other drugs that your customers may be taking.

CBD Has Multiple Targets

There are more than 65 molecular targets of CBD in the body.

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Learn how to boost your profits by selling CBD to your customers.

Not All CBD Is Created Equal

We evaluated dozens of manufacturers so you don't have to.

Products Must Be of High Quality

We analyzed selected CBD products for purity and potency.

Let Doctors Know You're the Expert

Learn how to educate your prescribers on the value of CBD.

NCPA CBD Source, Powered by PRS, was created by pharmacists, for pharmacists and pharmacy owners.

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NCPA CBD Source can take care of the last three… all you and your staff have to take care of is carrying out the plan to success.

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