Custom Label Products With Your Pharmacy's Logo from Dava Naturals

Do you want to promote your pharmacy’s very own full spectrum CBD brand?

No problem! We can help you to get your pharmacy’s custom logo and colors on the label, and all of that without minimum order quantities or extra charges!

Your regular patients already trust you and your brand, so now you can build on that trust to promote and sell your own line of full spectrum CBD products. This will help bring people as repeat customers back into your pharmacy and support your brand.

You also become your patients’ go-to partner to ask any questions they might have, and we will help you get all the answers with our online Hemp Academy to ensure your staff is prepared to answer any questions about your custom line of CBD products.

Why Create Custom Label CBD Products?

Here's How To Get Started

1. Select any of the products below.

At the present time, these are the only products available with the option of adding custom labels featuring your pharmacy’s logo.


2. On the individual product pages, choose “Yes (New Label)” in the Custom Labels drop-down box and complete your purchase.

When you add any of the products on this page to your cart with the Custom Labels option selected, after you complete your purchase you will receive an email with the next step in creating your custom label.



3. Follow the link in the email to create your Custom Label.

In the email, there will be a link to a simple form which must be submitted for us to create your custom labels. Don’t worry, you won’t need to submit it twice if you want to place additional orders with the same custom labels.

Note: Only sealed glass or plastic product containers (with sticker labels) are available with custom label design; no printed or exterior paper packaging (boxes) can be customized.

Products with Customizable Labels